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in foreign policy issues is really going to be big this week. people are going to come out and defend her and recognize that the coverage of anonymous sources trashing, you know, another woman here, is just too much to take. the complication of the story is becoming all too much for reporters. >> i think as long as the obama administration stays under the radar and president himself does not engage, that's the strategy. administration gets away without being held responsible for what they are doing or not doing moving on. big media story at least in new york this week. the state's former governor eliot spitzer getting back into politics and back into the media spotlight. . >> i want the voters to listen to what i have done, look at the record, attorney general. >> paid hookers. >> and say this guy -- >> and you lied. >> cheated on your familiar. >> i >> should the media forgive and forget? >> i think some of the energy of him -- first week have been tough. the fact is that -- everyone who has standards in such areas of swimming upstream in our culture, there's no shame anymore. i think th
is happening is that president obama's foreign policy in that region, which he enunciated in 2009 in the same city of cairo is now running up against reality in cairo. and his support for democratic ideals as he spoke of them in 2009 are being tested on the streets right now. talking to white house -- one white house official, they're not going any farther than they went today for now. carney, jay carney's statement was as far as they're going to go at this point. >> joel, i see that some protests there see america as being too close to the muslim brotherhood. >> well, it's an irony of sorts, michael, because the united states is going to be blamed, regardless, frankly, of the situation. and we have to get used to that. context matters here. we have to remember that nearly 22 million egyptians, more than a quarter of their population signed a petition for mohamed morsi to leave power. and the military stepped in. now, it's not to condone what the military did, but they saw an internal situation devolving quickly, and they made a decision. we don't have control over that. and our role in this
and foreign policy that looks like it was designed by kim kardashian. idealogues always blame the opposing president. bush is an idiot. obama is corrupt. whatever. the bottom line is the u.s. congress is inept. nothing is getting done. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. the zimmerman martin murder trial in florida may soon go to the jury and the boston marathon terrorist makes his first appearance in court. joining us from boston rachel and from florida defense attorney michelle us is scour. headline in the scriptural trial today is that george zimmerman will not testify in his own behalf, correct? >> that's right. that's right. silence is golden. i think is really the one of the headlines here and it is not a surprise. it really is the right move. if it were my client i absolutely would not put him on. he basically has testified anyway through video and audio and he has absolutely nothing to gain by getting on the stand there is no much reason for that. >> obama and the jury though i want -- i want to hear what happened that night. one of two people who were there and you
't understand what the president's foreign policy is when it comes to the middle east. it's been about four months since the republican national committee released its recommendations. after its two straight presidential defeats. included reach out to latinos and pass immigration reform. focus less on social issues. so what have the republicans done instead? now opposing comprehensib prepr immigration reform. meaning the party could find itself set back with hispanic voters for years to come, maybe decades. conservatives on the supreme court gutted the '65 civil rights act. gop lawmakers on the state level are pursuing restrictions on abortion. mitt romney lost female voters by 20 points in 2012. both thought they'd have a fresh start in 2013 but so far 2013 has turned out to be more of the same. more on the political fallout from the immigration fight. we'll bring in my thursday gagg gaggle. he's a distinguished senior fellow. and nancy is the deputy managing editor for "time" magazine. and our next guest is the editor for buzz feed. i guess black is the new black. everybody's wearing dark
, an influential conservative in foreign policy circles. new land's rise in official washington was threatened by benghazi to. hear her tell it, when new land was pushing her colleagues at cia to delete references to terrorism from the benghazi talking points she was acting, quote on instinct and not doing the bidding of then secretary of state hillary clinton even when nuland wrote to her cia colleagues these revisions don't resolve all of my issues or those of my building leadership. they are consulting with national security staff. >> can you just tell me who that building leadership was, who you are referring to there? >> the only person that i consulted with that night was my regular reporting channel. >> and that person is. >> at the time that was jake sullivan. >> jake sullivan is now vice president biden's top national security advisor. last september, sullivan was deputy chief of staff to then secretary of state clinton. clinton has denied knowing anything about the cia and benghazi which was also attacked that night being used for a covert operation to run guns to the syrian rebels.
, whether it is the i.r.s. scandal, foreign policy, obamacare falling to pieces, he needs to shore up his base and the environmentalists are his base, so he continues to delay on approving the pipeline. >>steve: you know something i just have never quite understood and that is why is it okay for us to have a lot of wells out in the gulf of mexico, and yet on the east coast of the united states, on the west coast, no. nothing. >> i'm not sure i can explain that either except that the environmentalists do not want to extend offshore drilling. >>steve: they have a lot power. as people will notice on the bottom of the screen occasionally we have the dow futures. they are way up today. why? >> you'll probably get a new all-time high for the dow, certainly in the early going today. that's because ben bernanke, big speech yesterday. he implied that low, very low interest rates, he wants them to continue for a long time to come. up goes the stock market. >>steve: stuart varney, who i would marriage filled up his car -- who i would imagine filled up his car before he came to work. going to be at f
from the foreign relations committee hearing yesterday. the spokeswoman stood her ground when it came to defending her role of the talking points by saying her capacity was a communications role not a policy one. >> at no point was i ever told to object to anything i was asking on-line. instincts and asking for a higher level review to check them and i did not make any edits as i said. >> rand paul when he polled new land for evidence personnel in benghazi may have convertly run weapons to syrian rebels. >> perhaps people were unhappy about arms being taken from one group to another and sent to another that may have insighted the rioting or a terrorist attack. >> senator i would be delight to do talk to you about the relationship between the state department and the cia in a separate setting if that's helpful. >> lastly nuland says hillary clinton played no direct role in shaping those points. >> randy travis remains in critical condition as he recovers from brain surgery. the 54-year-old had a stroke last night while being treated for heart failure. here are two new tweets. brad pais
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)